Monday, October 6, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead is a very fun mobile (Android/iOS) app designed to turn a student into an architect and build a ship.  The goal is to be able to design a ship that can tread the farthest, carry the most load, while traversing rough seas for as long as possible.  As a person does better then will gain the interest of investors to donate money to help you build even more extravagant vessels.

Here is some more info...

● Eight ship building challenges posed by your guide, Brunel
● Discover the capabilities of iron versus wood in the construction of your ship’s hull
● Explore the difference between paddles and the screw propeller
● Earn investor confidence to get more money for bigger and more complex ships
● Learn about the design and construction of the ss Great Britain
● Find out about the history of the ss Great Britain and the challenges she overcame in her working life
● Can you build a ship to rival the ss Great Britain?

I highly recommend checking out Full Steam Ahead by clicking here!!!

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