Friday, March 8, 2013

The Answer Pad

The Answer Pad is a website/iPad solution I've blogged about before that is great for student assessment.  This is done by having teacher's use the website/interface to create students and classes and then let the students take a test/quiz on their iPad.  The teachers would then get instant real-time results.

However, that's just one great feature of The Answer Pad as I was lucky to receive a demo on their latest update called, Go Interactive.  Go Interactive allows students to use their iPad to respond/answer teacher's questions.  Basically, it turns an iPad into an interactive clicker device, where teachers get instant results.  What makes this such a useful feature is the way teachers can assess student's learning by some of the handy ways in which they can respond to a question, such as: yes/no, T/F, text, thumbs up/down, etc etc.

This is great for students who are shy and don't want to raise their hands to ask a question.  Now, all they have to do is type in a question on their iPad and a teacher will see who asked it.  Also, this is a great tool to engage students and Guided Learning.  This could be a great tool to use when watching a class video or reading a class story and wanting to get instant feedback.  I can even see this being used as a back channel chat.

Some other great features w/ Go Interactive is the ability to use it to answer any type of question for any subject such as: Spelling, Geography (there is a map template that can be drawn on), Math (interact graph paper to draw/plot data), drawing, etc etc.

I highly recommend checking out The Answer Pad by clicking here!!!

Below is a screen shot of The Answer Pad & Go Interactive in action, the left side of the screen is the teacher window and the right side window would be student's iPad....

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