Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meograph Educators License

Meograph is a site I've covered before in the past and is an innovative 4D digital storytelling site.  What does this mean?  It allows users or students to create digital stories by combing the best multimedia elements such as: images, text, sites, audio, video, timelines, maps, and more.  Best of all, a finished story can then be embedded into a site or blog.

This latest update now provides an "educational portal" for educators.  Through a paid plan (basic tools/use is still free) a teacher can provide an excellent learning environment for their students.  What does a paid plan include.  Well, there are 3 options:

  1. Lite - $19.99 a yr - no adds, all ages
  2. Plus - $29.99 a yr - no adds, all ages, class management, private sharing
  3. Pro - $39.99 a yr - no adds, all ages, class management, private sharing, premium support, unbranded
Personally, I think the $29.99 is a great deal where teachers can create student accounts (no student email required) and then control their privacy settings on who can view their stories.

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